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Are you interested in the role that race and gender play in the medical field and the intersections between them? On May 25th, Natasha Ramsey, founder of Gorjus Doc, will join FemThinkDo to discuss Sexual Health, Anti Racism, and Artivism.


This talk will cover the shortcomings of the medical field in its approach to gender and race, the ways in which Natasha has combatted these through her creation of sexual curricula and programs, and her advocacy for the importance of both representation and reproductive rights. Natasha will also share how she engages in activism through her work, specifically Artivism, and will reflect on the different ways in which she works to combat the prejudices and pitfalls of the current medical establishment.

Sexual Health, Anti Racism and Artivism with Gorjus Doc

Tuesday 25th May

Opening Pandora's Jar: Natalie Haynes on feminist retellings of Classical myths

Thursday 13th May 2021 

‘When I began hunting out the stories I wanted to tell, I felt exactly like Perseus…squinting at reflections in the half-light’.


Join us for a discussion with renowned Classicist, author, and broadcaster Natalie Haynes on her latest books, approaching the Classics with a feminist eye, and bringing the women of Greek myth out of the shadows into the spotlight. 


Drawing from Haynes’ two latest books, A Thousand Ships and Pandora’s Jar, we will be discussing her approach to retelling ancient stories with a feminist twist, lifting the mic to women who have been denied the chance to be the storytellers of their own narratives, and the importance that their stories still hold in the 21st century.

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