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Where are Rupaul's Trans Queens, Drag Kings and Bio Queens?
Thursday 24th June 18:30 BST

“Drag could make a massive impact on millions of people’s lives, if only its famous practitioners wielded it with a greater sense of consciousness and responsibility.” - Samantha Riedel.

From transphobic language to rigid contestant specifications, Rupaul’s Drag Race excludes many of the LGBT+ community that are cornerstones of drag's success. With Rupaul marketing drag towards a growing heteronormative, cisgendered audience, the question remains: how has the divisiveness of RPDR affected the history and future of drag?

Samantha Riedel, author of ‘How Drag Queens Turned Against the Trans Community’, will be interviewing Drag King and Mr Gay England finalist Chiyo Gomes on the failures of Rupaul’s drag empire.

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Are you interested in the role that race and gender play in the medical field and the intersections between them? On May 25th, Natasha Ramsey, founder of Gorjus Doc, will join FemThinkDo to discuss Sexual Health, Anti Racism, and Artivism.


This talk will cover the shortcomings of the medical field in its approach to gender and race, the ways in which Natasha has combatted these through her creation of sexual curricula and programs, and her advocacy for the importance of both representation and reproductive rights. Natasha will also share how she engages in activism through her work, specifically Artivism, and will reflect on the different ways in which she works to combat the prejudices and pitfalls of the current medical establishment.

Sexual Health, Anti Racism and Artivism with Gorjus Doc

Postponed (Date TBC)

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