Upcoming Events

Are you interested in the entanglements between empire making and the feminist movement? On March 4th, FemThinkDo will be joined by Uncomfortable Oxford’s co-founders Olivia Durand and Paula Larsson for a discussion of Imperial Feminisms. 


This interactive talk will outline some of the differing feminist approaches to imperial history through the complicated stories of four Oxford women and their personal and political ties to the British empire. 


Imperial Feminisms: Women and the British Empire

Thursday 4th March 2021 

Writing Painful Stories: a workshop with Amina Atiq

Thursday 18th March 2021 

On March 18th FemThinkDo will be joined by Yemeni-Scouse poet, performance artist and activist Amina Atiq, to host a workshop exploring the unfiltered narrative and how we can shift power within it to tell our own painful stories. 

Listen to Amina’s powerful journey as a writer, exploring how she set out to write from painful experiences of islamophobia and racism, encountered as a teenager. Through writing exercises, prompts and visual associations, this workshop will explore the importance of creating a safe space in your writing and fictionalising it when needed. You will be offered tools to protect yourself as the author of painful written work, as well as an opportunity to scrutinise what we can achieve from sharing our stories with wider audiences.

Past Events

Meetings, meetings and more meetings. We organise them, attend them, moan about them. Many working days couldn’t do without them, and perhaps we couldn’t either. But we tend to go because we have to. Perhaps we’re being paid to be there or we’re obliged in some way- we’re needed to take minutes, chair, present an idea or say something of value. 


This workshop will explore feminist spaces as a meeting no-one needs to go to and ask- in the absence of obligation- why do we show up? What is a feminist space if not a voluntary meeting, free from institutional scaffolding and constraints?

Participants will be invited to consider what a feminist space feels like. Why do we want feminist spaces, what do we want from them and how can we cultivate them? 


Cultivating a Feminist Space

Thursday 4th February 2021 

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