Lizzie Merrill



Hello! I’m Lizzie, the other half that makes up the FemThinkDo team. I started producing events a few years ago as I’m a poet and a performer who was always on the hunt for a new gig. Before studying my masters with Chloe, I did a degree in Art at Central St Martins. I love creative programming as well as all things art theory and photography. Having worked with many incredible creatives, and as part of a London gallery for several years, it has been harrowing watching those involved in the arts struggle through COVID with minimal government funding. By building a platform that can digitally support the ideas and research of a diverse range of creatives as well as academics, me and Chloe hope to be able to provide some opportunities within the struggling arts sector. So much of my own feminism has been learnt from friends, experiences and the incredible creative people that I’ve programmed. We want to keep the arts accessible and nurture artistic communities doing feminist and activist work, sharing with you their methods, experiences and inspirations!


Personal Interests

Creatively, I am really excited by different kinds of nostalgia, be it family photographs or autobiographical writing. This has led me, academically, to do a lot of research into authors that combine feminist theory with lived experience and autobiographical writing. Recently, I’ve been reading Anne Boyer’s “The Undying” and Audre Lorde’s “The Cancer Journals”. For me, the dissonance between more dense feminist theory and the lived experiences of womxn is dramatically improved by texts that merge the autobiographical with the theoretical. With FemThinkDo, we hope to invite speakers and attendees to engage with how feminist theories affect people directly and in real scenarios: beginning new feminist communities based on theory as well as practice.