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FemThinkDo's current work is made possible by the generosity of donations from our crowdfunding campaign. On 11th December 2020 we successfully raised £1,780 with 70 supporters in 28 days. We cannot thank everyone enough for their ongoing support and incredibly kind donations. We are presently working on our first-programme and aim to make you all incredibly proud with its rich and exciting content!

Why did we choose to crowdfund?

We decided to crowdfund our project for multiple reasons, but mainly for two central ones: crowdfunding not only allows us creative freedom, but it enables our donors to get  involved with the process. With funding coming directly from our audience – that is, you – we get a good sense of who our core audience is and we are also able to engage directly with you, finding out what you want from FemThinkDo and working to make that a reality. With the combination of our ideas and your generous pledges, we are making an incredible pilot programme, featuring some of the most exciting new feminist speakers – there will be something there for everyone!