Chloe Tye



Hi! I’m Chloe, one half of the FemThinkDo team. I’m a Master’s graduate currently living in London, a bookworm, a foodie, and, of course, a raging feminist. I studied Classics at UCL for my undergraduate degree before going to Oxford for my Master’s in Women’s Studies, where I met Lizzie, the other half of FemThinkDo! Although I’d been a feminist since my teenage years, my undergrad was where I discovered ‘academic feminism’ – seeing my personal experiences and things discussed with my friends in actual academic theory was (not to be dramatic) a life changing experience. I felt understood, comforted, and reassured that these were not independent experiences but actual, systemic issues and occurrences. Beauvoir, Butler, and many others, offered me a new way of viewing not only my studies but my life. However, academic feminist texts are often dense, obscure, and daunting, making them seem inaccessible for those who, ironically, they are trying to reach. This is one of the reasons we wanted to start FemThinkDo, to make feminist ideas, texts, and theory work for those for whom it is meant. We want to share the passion that we have for feminist theory (as nerdy as that sounds), and make it applicable to real world, lived experiences and feminisms.


Personal interests

I have a deep love for all things classical, and the combination of classics and feminism is (strangely) something that has become very mainstream recently, with books such as Pat Barker’s “The Silence of the Girls” or Madeline Miller’s “Circe” in the bestseller lists. I’m also a huge fan of literature more generally, as well as film and theatre – in short, forms of storytelling. We want to really centre womxn’s stories and their narrative voices at FemThinkDo, and hold a mic to voices and stories that have been hereto dismissed.